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  Considering BOTOX® for Migraines?

BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin A) has grown in popularity as an effective wrinkle relaxer that can dramatically reduce the appearance of facial lines including crow's feet around the eyes and furrows in the forehead. This quick and relatively simple procedure has even been shown to prevent wrinkle development.

BOTOX has also proven to be amazingly effective for treating migraine headaches. When administered correctly, BOTOX can actually prevent the onset of migraine headaches and provide long lasting relief from pain without short or long-term systemic side effects.

Each of these conditions requires different treatment protocols—injection techniques, locations and dosages for achieving the most effective, long-lasting results.  This is why it is very important to choose a physician who is qualified and experienced in that specific procedure. Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon  Dr. William J. Binder pioneered and is one of the nation’s most experienced physicians in both uses of BOTOX. 

  BOTOX Pioneer  

Established Guidelines for BOTOX for Wrinkles Treatment
In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Dr. Binder and colleagues conducted much of the early work showing BOTOX to be effective and safe for treating facial wrinkles.  With his early clinical studies, Dr. Binder helped establish dosage guidelines and injection techniques used by thousands of doctors today and later became the first physician in California to inject BOTOX to treat wrinkles. 

Later Dr. Binder conducted his landmark “twins” study, published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, showing the long-term effects of BOTOX injections for preventing facial wrinkles.  The study actually proved that BOTOX eliminated wrinkles that form with time by comparing identical twins where only one received BOTOX over a period of 13 years.

Discovered BOTOX for Migraines Treatment
While conducting his wrinkle studies, Dr. Binder then made headlines for discovering and developing a treatment using BOTOX to relieve and prevent migraine headaches.
The discovery came after Dr. Binder noticed that some patients being treated in his BOTOX wrinkle study also found their migraine headaches were disappearing.  Over the next several years, Dr. Binder tested and developed dosing, injection locations and techniques for relieving migraine pain with BOTOX. *

William J.Binder M.D, F.A.C.S
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Dr. Binder developed treatment guidelines for the use of BOTOX on facial wrinkles and later discovered its pain relieving effect on migraine headaches.
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Dr. Binder Discovers Botox Cures Migraines

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon William Binder didn’t set out to soothe migraines. He was merely soothing one of aging’s telltale signs –the furrowed brow. But after a year of treating wrinkled foreheads with Botox (prescribed microinjections of botulinum toxin that relax muscles beneath the skin), Binder got reports of a side effects: Botox patients who’d suffered migraines didn’t seem to be getting them anymore.

So Binder set out to conduct a bona fide study with 100 adults who typically got migraines a few times a month. After just one Botox treatment, half were migraine-free for four months; another 37 percent reported some improvement in symptoms.

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* This initial protocol was used in a combined multi-center, open label study that showed a reduction in the frequency, severity and, in the majority of cases, a complete elimination of the pain from migraines.   Dr. Binder presented his findings to leading cosmetic, plastic and head & neck surgery groups as well as a national association devoted to headache study.  He went on to author landmark articles on the new BOTOX migraine treatment, and taught his methodology and techniques to the first 200 doctors and neurologists to use the new treatment.

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